Changes in the automotive industry bring advancement in-car tech; for example, more focus is on automatic and driverless cars. However, car sales have declined in 2020 because of the COVID-19 virus breakout. But, an increase in vehicles’ digitalisation attracts more buyers due to more functions and sophistication in cars. 

Increase in Car demand

You will have more interest in car buying than before, as after the COVID-19 virus breakout you will avoid sharing rides and using public transports. Many people who did not own a car before the pandemic has now made their minds. The initiation is to buy a personal vehicle as this will indeed help them to stay safe. Shifting from aeroplanes and trains towards cars is becoming a new trend during this global pandemic.

Car shoppers are looking for deals

As 2020 is the year with a lot of changes, car buyers are also looking for deals. Customers more often purchase new cars online as going to the workshops is very difficult for them, so the digitalisation of vehicles becomes essential to attract new customers. 

See who offers video calls. 

When you receive any offer from trusted car dealers, you will see the test drive of your car. This tour will help you to be able to answer all your questions. 

People want cars from the comfort of home from car dealers

The move of online car shopping not only results to attract you to buy a new car but also, performing following activities helps in buying cars easily such as home test drive, view of showroom through digitalisation, videos and online test drive. 

Cars as an element of connecting people

Cars are an essential source of connecting people. It will also ensure you are safe, especially during this pandemic, and a way of always linking to other people and reaching places with more comfort and quickly.