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#1 Selling Communicator

Collett has designed a special Communicator and Bluetooth Module to correct the Stereo Bluetooth problems of the Garmin Zumo 550®;

Zumo 550 owners can finally enjoy;

  • Handsfree cellphone, Touchscreen calling, and answering
  • Wireless Stereo MP3 and satellite Xm Radio
  • Wireless voice prompts

    Les Collett, president of Collett Electronics, said…"that since it’s inception, in the fall of 2005, the Platinum 900 Stereo model has proved itself to be the most popular snowmobile helmet Communicator ever produced"…

    snofone For the individual rider...Sled to Sled Communication and Stereo Bluetooth Entertainment System… with multiple Bluetooth links to Cellphone, MP3 player, talking GPS, etc.
    doofone For the individual rider...Sled to Sled Communication and Stereo Bluetooth Entertainment System… with multiple Bluetooth links to Cellphone, MP3 player, talking GPS, etc. Can be pre-programmed with Bombardier® or any other club channel. (for use with Bombardier® helmets only)(dooFONE for use with Ski doo® Modular and Modular 2 / dooFONE2 for use with BV2S® only)
    microfone 1 For “2 up” riding...Complete 2 up touring Bike to Bike Communication, CellPhone and Stereo Bluetooth Entertainment System rider and passenger enjoy a “wired” intercom and “share” wireless Bluetooth links to a cellphone, MP3 player, satellite radio or talking GPS. Both rider and passenger communicate to other Bikes on three clear 900Mhz channels.
    microfone 2 For “2 up” riding...“WORLD’S ONLY TOTALLY WIRELESS System!!” Complete 2 up touring Bike to Bike Communication, CellPhone and Stereo Bluetooth Entertainment System… rider and passenger enjoy a wireless Duplex Bluetooth intercom and link to their “own” multiple Bluetooth devices such cellphone, MP3 player satellite radio or talking GPS. Both Rider and Passenger communicate to other Bikes on three clear 900Mhz channels. Also perfect for ATV use.
    Who we are...
    For over 30 years Collett Electronics has designed and manufactured the most technologically advanced helmet communication devices available. To ensure this we are constantly designing and developing helmet Communicatorsthat deliver the clearest radio voice transmissions, fullest stereo sound and now incorporate the most up to date Bluetooth technology. Our R&D team consists of both electronic engineers and riding enthusiasts who work together daily to make sure the Collett products deliver not only the clearest helmet to helmet voice communication, but also the fullest helmet stereo sound available. The addition of the MICROFONE 2 to our product line firmly places Collett #1 in the World in the field of helmet Bluetooth technology.

    ATV and Snowmobile


    Platinum 900 Plus Communicator Rated = Military Tough

    Many Police, Fire and Sheriff’s department Search and Rescue teams throughout the US and Canada presently depend on the COLLETT Platinum 900 Plus for inter person communication during search and rescue events. This is because the Platinum 900 Plus provides reliable communication to enable Searchers disccuss plans, paths and possibilities while remaining on the move. This results in the most efficient search possible in the shortest time period. This helmet mounted Communication System was especially designed with ATV and Snowmobile search and rescue communication in mind. This Platinum 900 Plus is Stereo Bluetooth enabled and can be used in conjunction with a Rider’s Bluetooth enabled cell phone or walkie talkie to be in immediate contact with the command post. The unit comes complete with and audio patch cord and “Audio Input Jack” for hard wired connection to a walkie talkie. The 2 mile (3.2km) range on 3 super clear 900 Mhz channels lets the rider stay in constant touch with the people in his immediate search group and coordinate the search patterns. (**The “Military Tough” rating means that the each Platinum 900 Plus has been subjected to, and passed, tests for both extreme temperatures and 100% waterproof before being shipped).


  • 100% Water Proof and Cold Weather reliable to -40F (-40C)
  • Stereo Bluetooth enabled (supports HFP and A2DP profiles)
  • Includes high capacity 12 hr rechargeable battery pack and charger
  • Uses COLLETT’s Voice Tek VOX (voice activated) microphone system
  • Optional passenger intercom jack
  • Fits all full and ¾ face helmets
  • 3 year parts and labor warranty
  • Can be programmed with special search and rescue channels
  • Add on as many extra units as needed at a later date
  • GWB – Groomer Warning Beacon reception
  • "Optional Passenger Intercom"

    Enjoy all the features of a full function "Passenger / Rider Intercom" and "Bike to Bike Communication” with Cell Phone or Stereo Music Input. When you combine the Platinum 900 Stereo or Platinum Plus Stereo BlueTooth Communicators with the optional Platinum 900 Stereo Passenger Intercom... Both, Passenger and Rider, can converse with each other and also with other riders up to 2 miles away! A COMPLETE INTERCOM SYSTEM and HELMET ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM at a very reasonable price. The PLATINUM 900 has been designed specifically to provide clear, voice activated communication while riding a Motorcycle , ATV or Snowmobile.

    The PLATINUM 900 is the result of over 20 years of dedication to providing the best in helmet radio communications. It is the World's smallest helmet communicator but has the most available features. The PLATINUM 900 combines all the best features to ensure you get the most out of your ride. Dangerous situations can develop in seconds when you're riding, and effective communication can literally mean the difference between a tragedy and a non-event. The PLATINUM 900 will enhance your riding experience. You can share in the action, while it's happening.

    Each come with a 3 year warranty 100% parts and labor and a 30 day money back guarantee!

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