Clear Cruiser Communication at highway speeds.
Enjoy amazing STEREO sound!!

Complete Cruiser Touring Packages

You can spend more than $1000 and spend hours installing a communication system that doesn't work to your satisfaction, or you can buy the Platinum 900 for only $269.95 (Rider only) $99.95 (Passenger unit ) It's guaranteed to work or your money back!

Installs in 5 minutes!
Unlike other systems, no complicated wiring or motorcycle modifications are necessary. Just velcro the PLATINUM 900 to your helmet, velcro your speakers in place --- and start talking.

* We can install a unit in 3 minutes. You'll take longer, but not much!

Voice-Activation --- that Works!!
All you have to do is talk. There are no buttons to push. The COLLETT noise cancelling voice-activation system eliminates background noise so well, people calling your cellphone won't know you're riding. It's that good!

Exclusive Cruiser Channel
We've assigned a special Cruiser Channel for the exclusive use of people riding cruiser's. It guarantees you always have a clear channel to talk on, with no annoying FRS walkie-talkie chatter. The Cruiser channel is FREE, so ask for it when you order. Or order 6 or more communicators and have your own private club channel assigned.

You break it we FIX IT!
Our communicators come with a full 3 Year Warranty 100% parts and Labour.

Money-Back Guarantee!
Collett Communicator can offer you a superior product, at an attractive price, because we control every aspect of design, production, and marketing. If you are, in a way dissatisfied with your Collett Product, you can return it - undamaged - for a full refund.

Collett Communicator

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